A recent eye-tracking study shows you have less than 6 seconds to impress the hiring manager.

Is your resume good enough to make the final cut?


Why are we a better choice than other executive resume services?

Not only were we recognized by Forbes as one of the 'Best Websites for Your Career' but we are also happy to report that * 99.59% of our clients have been satisfied with the response they've received using their new resumes.

A respected resume and job search expert, Angela's advice can be found on Careerealism.com, Bankrate.com, Examiner.com, Yahoo.com, World News, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Houston Chronicle, and the Omaha World Herald.

In response to today's competitive job market, Angela has hand-selected an elite team of certified professional resume writers who possess both the technical skill and marketing savvy needed to help you stand out from your competition. Angela personally guarantees your new resume will increase your visibility helping you dominate your competition or we will rewrite it for you one time for free.

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Nearly all of the best paying jobs will go to the candidate with the stellar resume. Is yours good enough to beat your competition? Click here to compare yours now.

With more than 70% of hiring managers using sophisticated applicant tracking system software (ATS), just the failure to design your resume for compatibility with this technology is often enough to eliminate you from consideration. Combine this with weak marketing skills, the inability to deal with employment gaps or age discrimination, or a limited understanding of social networking and you have the recipe for financial disaster. How can your professionally written resume literally pay for itself?

For as little as $1.64 per day executives and other 6-figure professionals can have the cutting-edge tools and training they need to succeed in today's highly competitive job market.

Think about it. If you have lost a job where you were making $50,000 a year--you are losing $961.52 every week you remain unemployed. With the average job search taking a little more than eight months your loss of income can quickly exceed $30,000! Shortening your job search by as little as one week can literally pay for your resume and the rest is money in the bank.

Don't make this common mistake!

Not long ago, we had a young client who'd graduated from college with a degree in business. He'd tried unsuccessfully for more than two years to transition into his new field using his self-written resume. In less than two weeks of using his new resume he was offered a job as a Business Analyst earning $40,000.00 per year more than he'd made as a production worker. Had he come to us two years earlier he might have been able to put $80,000.00 into his bank account?

Client success stories

Brian, an IT manager, was able to distinguish himself from hundreds of applicants winning both the job and a top-notch salary.

"To say I was pleased with Angela's work would be an understatement. I came upon an opportunity which I had to act quickly on and Angela came through. During an interview, one of the VP's commented specifically that of the hundreds of resumes he reviewed mine was the best by far. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation."  Brian B. - IT Manager

Ben was hired in less than three weeks while nearly doubling his salary during the height of the recession!

"I highly recommend Angie to anyone who needs to have their resume updated. Based on the work she had done for me, I was able to find a new career and an awesome salary to go along with it in less than three weeks."  Ben H. - Regional Manager

*  Satisfaction rate based on 743 clients with only 3 requesting a rewrite of their resume.



Unleash the power of your new resume... Order now!


Why do recruiters recommend our executive resume service over those of our competition?

Recruiters know that they get paid when you get hired. In addition, a recruiter's compensation is often based on a percentage of your first year's salary. The higher the salary you receive--the higher their commission.

At Haute Resume & Career Services LLC, we provide every job search document you'll ever need including resumes, cover, letters, web and scannable resumes as well as LinkedIn profiles. In addition, we offer Do-It-Yourself (DIY) resume consultation and coaching, editing, and resume distribution.

Statistics show a professionally written resume can make you...

• 38% more like to be contacted by recruiters

•  31% more likely to win the interview

•  40% more likely to win the job!

Source: beSatisfied Resume Rewrite Impact Study, March 2009

certified resume writers specialize in resumes, cover letters, bios, resume distribution, web profiles, LinkedIn profiles, and interview and job search coaching for C-level executives, IT, military and other $100K+ professionals. Whether you are searching for an expert Executive Resume Writer, a Military Transition Resume Writer, an IT Resume Writer, or an expert in any other industry... we can help.

A recent study shows you have less than 6 seconds to capture the interest of the hiring manager!

The #1 rule when hiring a professional resume writer is... always view samples of their work before making payment!

Many professional resume writers object to providing samples because they are afraid their work will be plagerized. However, there is absolutely no reason they cannot provide a sample in an industry outside of your own. Far too often I am hired to rewrite resumes that were written by untrained, entry-level resume writers. If you think hiring an expert resume writer is expensive--compare the cost to 8, 10, 12 months or more of unemployment.

When a company or executive search committee invests thousands of dollars to locate the perfect employee for a top paying position they expect to interview only stellar candidates. In fact, recruiters know that it isn't unusual for the most qualified candidate to be overlooked due to a mediocre resume which is why they've chosen to recommend our executive / IT resume writers over those of our competition.

Check out a few of the recruiters who recommend our executive resume service / IT resume service to their own candidates.

Adams Inc. - One of the nation's largest financial recruiting firms  |  Insight Recruitment - An Information Technology recruiting firm


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Unleash the power of your new resume... Order now! 

Angela's Credentials Include...

Think hiring an expert is expensive? Consider unemployment…

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics--the average length of unemployment was 35.3 weeks in January 2013, the median length came to 16 weeks, and 38.1% of the unemployed were out of a job for 27 weeks or more.

Our resumes can help you land faster and with higher pay

Annual Salary Salary Lost Each Week Due to Being Unemployed Total Cost of Being Unemployed 35 Weeks Save Thousands of Dollars When You Shorten Your Job Search by as Little as 4 Weeks
$50,000 $962 $33,670 $3,848
$100,000 $1,923 $67,305 $7,692
$150,000 $2,885 $100,975 $11,540
Services Offered Include:

Specializing in professionally written resumes for C-level executives and job seekers at any level who are seeking $100K+ jobs.

  • Professional Resume Writing 
  • Resume Distribution
  • Linkedin / Visual CV Profile Development
  • Job Search Training / Interview Coaching
  • Outplacement Services
  • Private Computer Training Sessions  

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I'm staying true to my promise. I start my new job as the Coordinator of Safety and Security for the 'Blah Blah' Unified School District. I'm extremely excited. It was a pretty competitive race for the position. My new boss told me that my resume and communication skills clearly separated me from the competition.

She stated my resume was very well written and really highlighted my strengths and I was the perfect candidate for the job. They initially told me my starting salary was going to be 87,000 per year. I was able to negotiate my salary to start at 98,000 based on my resume, experience and they were impressed with my 30 60 90 day plan I drafted once I learned I received the position.

I can't thank you enough for all your help. Your resume writing skills are incredible. On a side note, I was also contacted by recruiters from LinkedIn and I received phone calls of interest from other potential employers based on my resume. It's so crazy to think that my resume was the key to getting into the door.

Trent C. - Coordinator of Safety and Security

"I highly recommend Angie to anyone who needs to have their resume updated. Based on the work she had done for me, I was able to find a new career and an awesome salary to go along with it in less than three weeks."

Ben H. - Regional Manager


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