What is the process?
At Haute Resume & Career Services LLC our process is two-fold. First, you will receive a set of worksheets that are very helpful collecting the type of information that we need to help you standout from your competition. Second, we schedule a brief phone or in-person consultation in order to clarify any areas needing further clarification.



What is your interview guarantee?
We know your new resume is going to produce results and to prove it we have a 60-day interview guarantee. If your new resume doesn't generate an invitation to interview within 60 days, notify us and we'll revise it for you one time absolutely free!

In order for the guarantee to be honored, we require that you apply using your resume along with a cover letter either written or approved by Haute Resume & Career Services LLC. The only other condition is that you do not change the content, wording or formatting of your resume. Any contact from a potential recruiter, an employer or HR agency is regarded as interest and an invitation to interview. The contact can be either by telephone, via e-mail or personal correspondence.



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"Initially they told me my starting salary was going to be $87,000 per year. I was able to negotiate my salary to start at $98,000 based on my resume, experience, and they were impressed with my 30/60/90 day plan I drafted once I learned I received the position."

"I can't thank you enough for all your help. Your resume writing skills are incredible. On a side note, I was also contacted by recruiters from LinkedIn and I received phone calls of interest from other potential employers based on my resume. It's so crazy to think that my resume was the key to getting into the door."

Trent C - Coordinator of Safety and Security

"I have accepted an offer from Boeing in Charleston, SC to begin work July 15. Much to my surprise the process was so streamlined that I was never even required to interview, I simply submitted my resume and then received an offer somewhat out of the blue a couple months later."

Travis C. - Quality Engineer


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