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I'm staying true to my promise. I start my new job as the Coordinator of Safety and Security for the '******' Unified School District. I'm extremely excited. It was a pretty competitive race for the position. My new boss told me that my resume and communication skills clearly separated me from the competition.

She stated my resume was very well written and really highlighted my strengths and I was the perfect candidate for the job. They initially told me my starting salary was going to be 87,000 per year. I was able to negotiate my salary to start at 98,000 based on my resume, experience and they were impressed with my 30 60 90 day plan I drafted once I learned I received the position.

I can't thank you enough for all your help. Your resume writing skills are incredible. On a side note, I was also contacted by recruiters from LinkedIn and I received phone calls of interest from other potential employers based on my resume. It's so crazy to think that my resume was the key to getting into the door.

Trent C. - Coordinator of Safety and Security

"When Angie brilliantly formatted my resume, she not only captured the essence of my professional journey, but she highlighted my professional personality." "The return on investment is greater than one could ever imagine. Prior to Angie’s services, I was in a low grade position with a salary that did not meet my qualifications. After her help, I am now in a position that is TRIPLE my previous salary, meets my skills and qualifications, and provides me with the executive exposure that I needed. I have no problems with using Angie’s expertise again and I will always recommend her services as a first choice!"

Kuran W. - Project Manager


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