Mar 09

Should I Hire A Professional Resume Writer?

Are you better off writing your own resume? I think not…

Earlier today I read an article where the author recommends that everyone write their own resume. This was my response to her.

In my opinion, the author’s advice was irresponsible when she made a blanket statement without knowledge of the individual job seeker’s writing and/or personal marketing skills. She is correct… anyone can write a resume… that doesn’t work as discovered by the 4.3 million people who have been out of work six months or longer.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of job seekers are using 20th Century job search techniques in a 21st Century job search. People fail to realize that doing it themselves or hiring an inexperienced / untrained resume writer frequently results in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in lost income.

Think of it this way – the government is reporting that the average job search is taking more than 36 weeks. If a job seeker has been laid-off from a job where s/he made $52,000 per year they are losing $1,000 in income each week they remain unemployed or a total of $36,000 if out for the national average.

If the job seeker invests $500 in a professionally written resume crafted by a highly trained professional resume writer and this shortens his job search as little as 4 weeks s/he has saved $4000. Now think how much the job seeker would save if they find their new job in 6 weeks instead of 36.

In addition, a high-impact resume that demonstrates the unique value the job seeker brings to the organization serves as a powerful tool in salary negotiation. My clients frequently report both shorter job searches and higher salary offers as a direct result of my help.

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