Oct 06

What Does it Cost To Hire A Professional Resume Writer?

If you are trying to determine price vs. value in selecting a resume writer, here are some excellent guidelines to keep in mind:

Is your service provider a typing service or secretarial type of operation that formats your resume but offers no professional writing services?
Expect to pay $29-$99 and up.

Is the writer an Internet-based “Resume Mill” cookie-cutter type of operation with minimal personal service and low level expertise?
Expect to pay $49-$199 and up.

Is the writer uncertified, offering less than 3 years’ experience, an overseas writer with sketchy English, or lower skill level type of operator?
Expect to pay $199-$299 and up.

Is the writer certified, offering 5+ years of experience, attending annual conferences, with a proven good reputation on LinkedIn and Google, and recent testimonials?
Expect to pay $399-$599 and up.

Is the writer that develops your resume part of an upscale nationally acclaimed firm and published book author, or top-level service provider catering primarily to executives?
Expect to pay $599-$999 and up.

The following information (shared by professional colleague Grant Cooper, CARW, Founder of Strategic Resumes in New Orleans, LA) may shed some light on the value of working with a credentialed career professional.

Updated 8/6/2020

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